SFG - Member Applications

Semper Fidelis Gaming is a gaming community. It's a good idea to know what we are about. Now everything below may sound very structured and regimented (it has to be sometimes), however we are actually a great bunch of guys that have a great laugh every night on TeamSpeak. First things first, we have a Code Of Conduct that applies to all members. Please read it and make sure you agree to it 100%. If not, you don't need to read any further.

What games do you play?

Do you have a mic?

Are you in any clans currently?

Have you read our rules? (Please see links at top of page)

An important step in your acceptance is getting everyone to know a little about you. Before submitting this application can you please first create a thread by click on the link at the top of the page

Have you introduced yourself?

What was the word asked to be included in your application after reading the Code of Conduct

Have you ever been caught using third party software in any previous game?

Do you agree to never use third party software to "enhance" your skills ie. Wall hacks and aimbots and are aware that if these are found to be used you will be banned from our servers and have your ban streamed to other servers

Are you over 18?


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